EMI Line Filters

  • UU 9.8 to UU 21
  • EE 10 to EE 42
  • ET 20 to ET 30
  • UT 19 to UT 20

We are leading manufacturers and suppliers of line filter transformers and laminated transformers with input/output specifications as required by customer. Thin laminations ensure low eddy current loss. Transformers are available for both 50 & 60 Hz frequency thus compatibility is not an issue. Our diverse range of transformers find wide application in Home Appliance, Entertainment Electronics (Set top Box, Audio), Microwave Oven, Emergency Lights, Adapters, Power Supplies, Power Conditioning, Telecom, UPS, Information Technology Products, etc.

EE20-10-6 Horizontal

ET24 Vertical

UU10-16 Horizontal

UU10-15 Horizontal




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