Torroidal Coils

  • T10 to T63

Manufacturing World Class Superior Quality Torroidal Chokes for line filter & power supply applications.

Manufacturing & Supplying a wide range of Torroidal Chokes with various core sizes and inductance values. We offer both vertically mounted Torroidal Chokes and horizontally mounted Toroidal Chokes of high quality.

Torroidal power transformers are made with coated cores/plastic capped core. The coated cores provide perfect magnetic circuits to minimize losses, fringing, leakage, distortion and provide good magnetic shielding. Transformers have high efficiency due to the Torroidal structure.

T26-10 Common Mode

T63 Differential Mode Coil

Spring Coil

T16 Coil

T28-13A Common Mode

T19 Coil

T26-15 Common Mode

T56 Differential Mode Coil

T-20-10 Common Mode

T63 Differential Mode Coil