PFC Choke



Inductance Value 329µH
Max ripple current at 180V input and 1020W power input 5.84A
Flux density at 10A peak current 350mT
Core Type PQ3230
DC resistance at 25°C 10mΩ
Value of air gap 2.12mm
Ferrite Core Material CF295
DC Output Voltage 380-400V


Inductance Value 329µH
Inductance at 25°C 329µH ±10%
L0 (100kHz/1Vac) 329µH 
L5.9A(100kHz/1Vac/5.84Adc) 329µH -5%
DC Resistance at25°C  


  • PFC Choke designed for 1000W, 65Khz , 220V rms operation
  • Ferrite core for lower core loss and lower cost solution compared to sendust
  • Wide operating temperature range -25°C to 120°C
  • Available both in single air gap and distributed air gap for higher efficiency
  • Part no prefix SG for single gap and DG for distributed gap